The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker


This was the smaller version of the Original Advent Loudspeaker. The bass response in this unit rolled off at a higher frequensy than the bigger version, but that's the only major acoustic difference. The woofer of this unit is the one with the huge dust cap. I presume that this cap was so big because they needed to add mass to the woofer cone. This speaker was intended for bookshelf use, and only came in the Walnut vinyl veneer. This unit was even more power hungry that the original Advent Loudspeaker, so they made it a 4 Ω unit to draw more current from an amplifier at a reasonable volume control position. A diagram of the crossover can be found here.

These speakers are still around and kicking, although the foam surrounds will need replacing. I'm not including pictures of this process, because a number of folks have already done a very good job of explaining this. The foam surrounds can be purchased at Winston Organ and Speaker service.


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