July 29, 2016

Parts, Documentation and Upgrades


To repair your own receiver, you need to be handy with a soldering iron, and you need a copy of the schematic (available elsewhere on this site). Obviously I offer no guarantees when you do your own work. Be careful! Don’t work on the unit unless it’s unplugged from the wall. For the items below, Add $5.95 for domestic US shipping, $15.95 for international shipping (USPS priority mail flat rates).

Capacitor kit (all electrolytic capacitors in the model 300) – $60

Transistor kit  (all transistors – exact replecements – for one amplifier channel, mica insulators for both channels) – $30

Tuner Drift kit (2-10pf N470 ceramic capacitors to replace N750 cap) – $10



-15V regulator (coming soon)

Tone Control Defeat (coming soon)



Complete documentation binder (as included with a receiver purchase or swap), includes owners manual, service manual, advertisements and technical reprints – $25

This can help you with setup, repairs and background on this amazing little receiver. Add $13.60 for Domestic US shipping, $32.95 for International shipping (USPS priority mail flat rates).

If you’re interested – please contact me at davidreaton99@gmail.com, with the words ‘Advent 300′ in the message title.