March 9, 2016

Repairs / Swaps

Will I repair your Advent 300 Receiver?

The answer is no. I don’t do repair work. However, in response to many requests, I do ‘swaps’ with people who want their model 300 repaired. Here’s how it works. I usually have 1 or 2 model 300s on my shelf which have undergone complete renovation as described in other areas of this site: all electrolytic capacitors replaced, all Advent company updates applied, all switches cleaned, complete electrical alignment and testing. Also included, complete tuner alignment, including fixing tuner ‘drift’, and tuning dial calibration. I also include the -15 volt regulator upgrade. If you want the switchable Tone Control defeat option, please add $30. I’ll use your original faceplate and knobs, cleaned and installed on the refurbished unit, with the cover painted. If I replace any transistors, I always use the exact replacement type, not the generic replacement transistors that repair shops use. I burn the units in for 24 hours, then tweak the output transistor bias. The carefully packed unit will ship to you. As you can see from the comments, good packaging is important to me.

Here’s how it works: Customers send me their old model 300 and money (depends on the condition of their unit – see price list below) and they get a fully refurbished unit (with their original faceplate), along with reprints of the owners manual, service manual, product specifications, equipment reviews and advertisements. As of Jan 2023, over 350 folks have taken advantage of this procedure, and it has worked out well.

Receiver: Purchase / “Swap” Price list (effective Jan 2023):

This assumes that your unit is in decent physical condition (there is always some wear – this is expected). You will get your original, cleaned faceplate back on the refurbished unit.

  • $300 if both channels work
  • $350 if one channel is out, or if there’s a loud hum or buzz in both channels
  • $400 if both channels are out
  • $500 if you have no receiver to swap
  • Switchable tone control defeat – add $30
  • Tuner Problems – add $50

These prices include careful packaging, shipping the unit to you (US only. Add $50 for shipping to Canada. E-mail for other countries), and the documentation binder mentioned above. The units are guaranteed for 30 days. I paid $279 for my Advent 300 in 1979, that’s $1020 in 2023 dollars!


To repair your own receiver, you need to be handy with a soldering iron, and you need a copy of the schematic (available elsewhere on this site). Obviously I offer no guarantees when you do your own work. Be careful! Don’t work on the unit unless it’s unplugged from the wall. For the items below, Add $8.95 for domestic US shipping, $19.95 for international shipping (USPS priority mail flat rates).

  • Transistors Kit and instructions. (all transistors – exact replacements – for one amplifier channel, mica insulators for both channels, and heat sink grease) – $30
  • Capacitor Kit and instructions (all electrolytic capacitors in the model 300) – $60
  • Tuner Drift Kit and instructions (2-10pf N470 ceramic capacitors to replace N750 cap) – $10


This can help you with setup, repairs and background on this amazing little receiver. Add $17.95 for Domestic US shipping, $29.95 for International shipping (USPS priority mail flat rates).

  • Complete documentation binder (as included with a receiver purchase or swap), includes owners manual, service manual, advertisements and technical reprints – $25

If you’re interested – please contact me at, with the words ‘Advent 300′ in the message title.

Common Questions, and some answers:

  • Q: There’s a loud turn on thump. Is this normal?
  • A: Yes – your speakers will not be harmed.
  • Q: Vinyl is back! Is the phono preamp as good as people say?
  • A: Yes!!
  • Q: The controls and switches feel ‘loose’ and/or ‘cheap’.
  • A: This receiver was meant to be affordable. They used inexpensive components. These components are now 30 years old.
  • Q: The volume doesn’t track well at very low volume levels.
  • A: See the answer above. If this is a concern in your unit, lower the source volume, or install an inexpensive attentuator.
  • Q: Did Advent make parts substitutions?
  • A: Yes. Frequently, electrical and cosmetic parts were substituted when the originals were unavailable to Advent. In my experience, these parts are functionally equivalent to the ones they replaced. However, when I refurbish a unit and see the substitutions, I remove them and replace with the exact originals.


Here are some comments from folks who have bought one or more of the refurbished 300s:

Sample E-mail comments from website customers (copied verbatim), used with permission

Dave: Thank you. I came home and immediately hooked the Advent 300 up to my Dual 510 turntable paired with new Klipsch reference series bookshelf speakers. These units haven’t been played in 25+ years so I put on the album that changed my life in so many ways, The Grateful Dead, Bertha. The sound that emitted from those speakers, the quiet hiss and rasp on the vinyl as the needle touched the record, right before the music started, and that song, Bertha, brought a huge smile as decades of memories flooded my mind. It literally could not have sounded any better. Not in reality, and not in my mind.

Thank you for taking the time to make me happy. To restore memories, and bring music to our family so that I can share it with others, the way it was shared with me, that’s invaluable. And, really cool.
You are great at what you do. Communication, price, service, all top notch. The binder is amazing. You represent care and attention to detail in a craft that I feel is becoming extinct in our culture. I’m glad I Googled, “Advent 300” and that you happened to live 4 miles from me. I love it when a plan comes together. All the best to you and your family.

Dave: The Advent Model 300 your  sent me arrived today, and is  now playing away in my home  office to my complete  satisfaction! I plan to add my turntable to the outfit later this week and get back to to turning some clean vinyl into FLAC files this weekend. Thank you for making this available to me. It is worth more than what you charged to have one back with the big advantage of having all it’s upgrades installed, tested and performing so well. I have been reading my way through the binder you included with all the documentation, manuals, articles, and specs. For those of us who really like frosting, the documentation package you put together may be the best frosting ever had.

Dave,  I just got it set up and I’m very happy with your work – you did an excellent job!  All problems corrected and I think it sounds better than new – although a little hard to say after 32 years!  If you ever need a reference, feel free to use me.  Best regards,

Dave- The Advent arrived yesterday, 4 May. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same unit–
the left channel now works, the on/off switch slides smoothly. Overall, it sounds great.
The Advent service manual you included is also a fine touch and much appreciated.

Thanks for being prompt with the repair; your service exceeded my expectations.

Dave: I have received the unit and it arrived safely. Not because FedEx didn’t try to crush it (because they did),
but because of the excellent packing job that you did. I hooked it up to my ‘ol JBL L100 Century’s and it
sounds great. I read all of the material you included while treating myself to some Steely Dan.
That may be the best $300 I have ever spent. Thanks a lot for the whole package. Feel free to use me as a
reference if you need to. I really appreciate your time and effort. It’s rare in today’s world.

Dave: Units arrived safely ansd well packed. The binder of information sent was very interesting to read.

Dave: Got the receiver, it looks great.  I still have to grab some speakers from the house, but I don’t anticipate any problems. Thanks again for the great service (and patience!)  Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Sample comments from E-bay customers- Check my feedback (davidreaton) for all of them

received advent 300 3-29-05 am using as amp preamp sounds superb. THANKS!!

A+++++Ebayer,Item arrived exactly as described,very well packed,Thanks David!

Fast shipment/Friendly contacts/Excellent packaging/Great e-Bayer/Recommend/AAA+

Product exactly as advertised/well packed. Would definitely do business again A+

Beautiful condition. Sounds Great. Great Amplifier for the price!!

Beautiful restoration job! Nice encounter, good communication! Thanks!! A++++++

reciever in great shape and packed for war. Shipped fast .Great experience