November 14, 2016

Model 350 Receiver


The Advent model 350 receiver was introduced just as the company went into receivership. It didn’t make the splash the model 300 did, and the inventory was bought out and sold at a discount by Stereo Cost Cutters in Ohio. A 300 customer asked to take a look at a model 350 he acquired. Here’s what I found. 


The unit is heavy – due to beefier transformer / power supply.

PS filter caps were bulging – needed to be replaced.

The higher output power ratings (50W/ch) requires a bigger heat sink. 

The tuner uses a traditional dial cord rather than the vernier tuning dial of the 300

The parts are really jammed in tight, especially on the output driver board. Servicing will be difficult.

Lots of interconnect headers – all will need to be removed and cleaned.

ICs appeared in place of discrete devices in selected sections, especially the tuner. 

Cover removal / replacement requires a few tricks!

Closeups in photo gallery.

Schematics attached.