November 2, 2015

National Parks

The United States maintains a wonderful system of National Parks. These are true national treasures. Entrance fees are minimal, sometimes even free. You can see great natural beauty, wildlife, and many unique in the world things (world’s oldest living organism, world’s largest living organism, USA’s tallest monument etc.).


If you’re on a traveling vacation, a national park pass will allow you unlimited free entrance into any park or national wildlife refuge. This pass will save you money. Many aprks are becoming too crowded with cars, motor homes etc. Several large parks (Zion, Grand Canyon) have converted to tram tours. You park your vehicle outside, and take a tram through the park. This system, in my opinion, is working well, and makes the  park experience more enjoyable.


If you enjoy the national park system, thank Teddy Roosevelt. He started it all in 1908 (Yellowstone, our oldest and largest national park). There’s a true saying about our National Parks – “You’re always welcome to visit, but you’re never going to be invited”.


The National Park Service is a good place to start.