July 29, 2016

Parts, Documentation and Modification Kits


To repair your own receiver, you need to be handy with a soldering iron, and you need a copy of the schematic (available elsewhere on this site). Obviously I offer no guarantees when you do your own work. Be careful! Don’t work on the unit unless it’s unplugged from the wall. Domestic USPS priority mail flat rate shipping shown below. Email for international rates.

Capacitor kit – Lots of soldering with this kit. (all electrolytic capacitors in the model 300) – $60 + $9.95 shipping

Transistor kit  – Soldering with this kit. (all transistors – exact replacements – for one amplifier channel, mica insulators for both channels) – $30 + $3.24 shipping


Tuner Drift kit  – You’ll be soldering for this kit. (2-10pf N470 ceramic capacitors to replace N750 cap) – $10 + $3.24 shipping

-15V regulator – Soildering involved.  (IC plus instructions) – $10 + $3.24 shipping

Tone Control Defeat  – You’ll be drilling and soldering for this one. (Fully wired switch, parts and instructions) – $25 + $9.95 shipping


Shipping can be combined for all of the above kits for one $9.95 USPS flat rate charge. If you order the documentation binder, too, a combined $16.95 USPS flat rate charge will apply (the binder is big).


Complete documentation binder (as included with a receiver purchase or swap), includes owners manual, service manual, advertisements and technical reprints – $25

This can help you with setup, repairs and background on this amazing little receiver. Add $19.95 for Domestic USPS flat rate shipping, Email for international shipping rates.

If you’re interested – please contact me at davidreaton99@gmail.com, with the words ‘Advent 300′ in the message title.