November 3, 2015


Advent speaker collage

This was the start of it all. This acoustic suspension speaker, whose heritage included AR and KLH models, was designed by Henry Kloss, and sold hundreds of thousands of units in various incarnations. This was the beginning of Advent’s classic advertising style, which deliberately avoided hype and BS. One of the original ads is Here. This was certainly an effective advertising style, and this style carried through to all the Advent products. I’ve reproduced as many of the original ads on this site as I could find.

These speakers are still around and kicking, although the foam surrounds will need replacing. I’m not including pictures of this process, because a number of folks have already done a very good job of explaining this. The foam surrounds can be purchased from many vendors on EBay. A schematic of the crossover can be found here. Links to foam replacement can be found here.

Cabinet Repair: The speaker cabinets will likely need to be cleaned up. The walnut cabinets will need cleaning and polishing. The vinyl cabinets will need cleaning with the appropriate solvent. Grill cloth replacement is easy. Buy a couple of yards of a thin, coarse woven, neutral colored cloth at your local fabric store. You want something that’s acoustically transparent. This is hard for the amateur to measure, so look for cloth that’s optically transparent – something you can partially see through.

Replace Grille Cloth: Remove the staples and the old grill cloth. Peel off the metal Advent logo to glue back on later. Leave the thin black backing cloth in place. This cloth prevents you from seeing the speakers through the cloth. Cut the new cloth about two inches bigger on each side than the masonite grill. Iron the cloth to remove wrinkles. Fold the cloth over, and staple to one edge. Use 1/4″ staples and an electric staple gun. Do a few tests first, to make sure the staples don’t go all the way through. The original installation used 1/8″ staples, but I have been unable to find these anywhere.